5 locations in the UK for flexible part-time jobs

Working while studying brings many benefits. You will gain experience and meet new people (especially locals) while earning money. But Committing to a set shift can be difficult. Add classes and deadlines, and what could be a great experience turns into a grueling chore.

The good news is that there are more flexible part-time jobs in the UK these days. These usually refer to work you perform under a contract or only on specific days, such as weekends. Currently, there are approximately two million freelancers in the UK – which shows how many opportunities and vacancies are available, even for non-locals.

Luckily, job hunting isn’t as difficult as it used to be. Gone are the days of flipping through newspapers, circling jobs that interest you, and then researching the company. Nowadays, with online job boards, finding a flexible part-time job is just a few clicks away.

Check out these five websites that offer flexible part-time jobs for international students in the UK:


Present since 2014, CONCERT is a pioneer in helping workers find flexible part-time jobs in the UK. This has earned them recognition as the UK’s leading app for finding flexible shift work.

Instead of typical full-time office jobs, construction workers work as independent contractors, contract workers, short-term workers, and temporary workers. This allows students to work with more than one company and explore their interests while developing their skills and knowledge.

GIG is a website that not only connects you with job postings, but also with employers. Available in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Machester, GIG offers job vacancies in many fields. This includes jobs in events, retail, security, waitress and many more.

2. Rhythm

Next on the list is Tempo, a recruitment platform that aims to connect job seekers with some of the UK’s top startups. From part-time flex jobs to full-time gigs, Tempo has you covered.

Recognizing the difficulty that comes with traditional job searches, Tempo was launched in 2017 to create a platform that makes the job search process faster and easier for employees and employers.

Students interested in a career in customer service, sales, marketing, or operations can secure part-time employment through Tempo. JThrough the website, students will be offered start-up jobs that match their experience, skills, preferences, and availability.

Additionally, Tempo introduced a video profile feature where interested students can upload a video of themselves to their profile, increasing their chances of being seen by the startups they want to join.

3. Indeed Flex

Created with the support of Indeed — known as the world’s number one job boardIndeed Flex is an app that connects job seekers with temporary job vacancies with some of the UK’s top companies.

You can filter based on your schedule, location, and salary expectations. “We started Indeed Flex because we believed the temporary worker had been underserved for decades. Through the technology we build, we want to give our workers ownership and control, allowing them to choose work that matches their ever-changing needs and providing them with the tools to grow further,” says Novo Constare, CEO of Indeed Flex.


flexible is marked as “a better recruitment agency, to help you achieve more. Covering the whole of the UK, the site posted 23,645 hours of work per month and had over 4.7 million active applicants.

Using its smartphone app, you’ll find jobs locally, at some of the UK’s best companies. Signing up is super fast and finding local flex jobs is easy. All you need to do is book shifts that fit your schedule, submit timesheets in the app, and monitor your earnings.

Some salaries are paid on a weekly basis, others by an immediate cash function. If you run into any issues, a Flexy team is on hand 24/7 to help.

5. Adia

Adia publishes jobs for these industries: hospitality, construction, warehouse, events and many more.

It is unique because it allows job seekers to know the availability of a job and the salary offered before applying. Employers can see each job seeker’s skills, experience, and ratings before deciding on a salary and choosing to hire the person.

It is available in selected UK cities. So if you are studying in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, York or Leeds and looking to earn some extra money, try this job search site.

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