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Harvestelle, The new game from Square Enix, tackles the rune factory Game formula by sprinkling their fighting farm simulator with an action RPG. To do this, they use their approach to the traditional RPG class system in particular. Anyone familiar with a class or job system understands that each role offers its own unique pros and cons that appeal to players based on how they like to play the game.

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In Harvestellethe player can assign three unique classes or jobs to Ein, the protagonist, and switch between them on the fly. This improves combat options and approaches, but also ties into the game’s progression system. After combat, JP (Job Points) are earned, which can be used to unlock abilities in each tree of professional skills. Every task is different, and players can choose tasks based on how they want to approach combat in the game. So what job is a bang for its JP dollars?


10/10 Avenger

avenger work

The Avenger stands for powerful long-range attacks and can shoot at enemy weaknesses. They are advantageous against certain enemies, swinging between the elements of ice and fire, they can break through defenses allowing other party members to deal more damage.

The glass cannon of Harvestelle shines from a distance but can be overwhelmed quickly in one-on-one combat.

9/10 Fighter

Fighter job

At the start of the game, the protagonist has the fighter’s default job. A qualified physical attacker with the ability to deal damage to one or more targets capable of enhancing their attacks with elemental damage such as fire for that extra spicy kick.

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It’s a good option for a frontline stance that can aggravate enemies and take hits while magic users can cast their strongest spells in the meantime. Less versatile than other trades, it still has its uses.

8/10 Shadow Walker

Harvestella Shadow Walker job

Harvestella’s version of an assassin wielding dual blades, the Shadow Walker aims to overwhelm the enemy with a flurry of attacks. As with the fighter, this profession specializes in close and personal combat. They brag high attack damage at close range and can unlock skills specifically related to combat, including the ability to self-enhance their already high attack power.

The Shadow Walker lacks elemental damage but makes up for it with higher damage. Players may find it harder to break through enemy boss defenses, but they’ll be able to capitalize with powerful single-target abilities.

7/10 Mechanic

Mechanic job

A versatile player with the ability to take on close range and long range attackers. At higher levels, the mechanic is a large support construction with abilities that buff enemies to sneak in extra damage from the party.

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The Mechanic excels at supporting other team members by weakening enemy attacks. However, mechanics can also run their own business by taking care of enemies as well.

6/10 Woglinde

Job Woglinde

The Woglinde is a type of ranged work imbuing the character with a siren song. The only healer in the game, their magics range from healing to strengthening the party while dealing water damage to enemies when the opportunity arises.

Woglinde is an important work as it is the only job that has healing abilities (once unlocked in the important skill tree). The healing skill is important as party members will take damage from monsters and bosses encountered as they travel through the world. Additionally, with no in-game blocking action and quick dashes buried behind working points that will need to be ground down to unlock, having a Woglinde can come in handy when fighting tougher enemies.

5/10 magician

Harvestella Mage Job

Unlocked by encountering the unicorn in the Upper Canyon area, the mage casts spells of ice and lightning with the sole purpose of exploiting the enemy. elemental weaknesses. The downside is that the Mage’s attacks suffer from long charge times which can be interrupted.

Long-range elemental attacks can quickly identify enemy weaknesses. With the downside of a long charge time, this has the advantage of being able to pierce boss guards, allowing more damage to pass through.

4/10 sky spear

Harvestella Sky Lancer Jobs

As its name suggests, similar to the Dragoon class, the Sky Lancer dominates the aerial battlefield. The job offers a wide range of area-of-effect attacks dealing both physical and wind damage that are suitable for taking out larger groups of enemies.

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With a singular elementary choice, this class can have trouble exploiting an enemy’s elemental weaknesses. However, crowd control abilities make short work of the mobs that litter the dungeons that the player will need to visit frequently to obtain items and other resources.

3/10 Pilgrim

Pilgrim's work

An area of ​​effect attack specialist who can also use attacks that deal continuous damage over a long period of time. The Pilgrim is also equipped with a magic sword that can switch between physical and magic attacks when appropriate.

It’s not the biggest damage dealer, but using continuous damage effects helps bring down the warmest bosses, and their magic sword has decent melee damage as well.

2/10 Assault Scholar

break the damage in the crop

Combining scientific know-how and applying it to martial skills is a unique position for those who want to change things on the fly. Assault Scholar skills include the ability to change effects and damage types with each attack. Specifically, they are good at fighting a wide range of enemies.

Switching items on the fly is a strong skill to have in the game. Targeting enemy weaknesses is key to taking down bosses as it can inflict a break condition (and double break condition in some cases) on enemies. This opens up enemies to more damage by lowering their overall defense.

1/10 Lunamancer

Harvestella Lunamancer

An enigmatic class said to harness the power of the planet, the Lunamancer wields both powerful magical combat abilities and a selection of de-buff skills for deliver a fatal magic punch to the player’s enemies.

This job is unlocked later in the game but works on all fronts. By inflicting negative status effects on enemies, the Lunamancer has a nearly reverse healing effect, reducing damage taken. Additionally, large magic spells can quickly wipe out a group of monsters while traversing the game’s many dungeons.

Harvestelle is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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