Entry Level Chemistry Jobs for Students and New Grads

Beginning the job search is the first step towards jump-starting your career after earning a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.

Entry-level jobs for chemistry students can range from working as a forensic scientist or water treatment plant operator to very detail-oriented positions like a chemical technician or materials specialist .

Just because this is your first job in the industry doesn’t mean you won’t earn a lot. according at Glass door. Other jobs you can get with your chemistry degree usually hover around $50,000.

Although most of these jobs are for recent graduates, some companies may allow you to work in an internship role or for class credit in certain positions.

Read on to learn about some of the chemistry jobs you qualify for with a bachelor’s degree.

7 Chemistry Jobs for Fresh Graduates

Being a recent graduate means you have access to tons of chemistry jobs that will help you learn more about the industry and gain experience in the field. While many entry-level jobs are hands-on, some may require additional schooling to progress.

No matter the position, you will have the opportunity to put your chemistry knowledge to the test and learn from your role in a way that will help you take the next step.

Here is a breakdown of seven of the most popular jobs for new chemistry grads.

1. Agricultural and Food Science Technician

Entry-level roles in this field require your chemistry foundation to analyze the quality of food and agricultural products. In this position, you will assist other food scientists with work that takes place in processing plants, farms and ranches, greenhouses, laboratories, and offices.

The BLS reports that this sector of the life sciences industry is growing at a growth rate of 9%, which is faster than most other industries. You can start earning $44,7000 a year and then build your experience and expertise to keep working and learning more about the industry.

Food Science Technician Jobs Available Now

2. Analytical Chemist

You can work as an analytical chemist at a junior level a few months after earning your bachelor’s degree in chemistry. Analytical chemists study and analyze substances like drugs or foods to determine what components are present and in what amounts, as well as how these components react with each other.

Junior Analytical Chemists will perform basic laboratory research, work on process and product development and design. Entry-level analytical chemists typically earn an average of $54,291, although the salary range can be between $48,763 and $61,550, according Salaire.com. Some say that the field of analytical chemistry should grow by 7% in the next ten years.

Analytical Chemist Jobs Available Now

3. Chemical Engineer

A chemical engineering role is one of the most obvious job opportunities for anyone with a background in chemistry or chemical engineering.

To do this job, you must apply the principles of chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics to solve problems related to fuel, medicine, food, and other commodities. Most jobs take place in refineries and industrial plants and require teamwork.

During a typical day, you will work to design manufacturing processes and equipment, establish health and safety procedures, and plan and test production methods in the laboratory. Entry-level roles can bring anywhere $73,190 and $88,490. Chemical engineers are in high demand, and industry is expected to grow by 14% over the next decade.

4. Chemical Technician

One of the most common entry-level jobs for new chemistry graduates is chemical technicians. As a chemical technician, you will support chemists and chemical engineers.

There are two types of positions within this position: a lab technician, who focuses on maintaining lab equipment and specializes in this technology, and a process technician, who focuses on monitoring processes and processes. produced in the laboratory.

Laboratory technicians help perform tests that measure environmental impact, quality assurance, safety, or regulatory compliance. Lab technicians can specialize in specific technologies to make them more marketable for future job opportunities.

Chemical Technicians earn an average of $54,910, according at Salaire.combut it is possible to earn up to $65,710 in this position.

Chemical Technician Jobs Available Now

5. Forensic Science Technician

Shows like Law & Order and CSI may have sparked new interest in the field of forensic science. If you are interested in studying crime scene evidence like ballistics, blood spatter, and fingerprints, you will be pleased to know that you are eligible for a job as a forensic science technician if you have a bachelor’s degree. in chemistry.

According to BLS, forensic science technicians earn an average salary of $61,930. Over the next ten years, an 11% increase in the number of jobs available in forensic technology is expected, which is well above the average growth rate of 5% for all jobs.

Forensic Science Jobs Available Now

6. Materials Scientist

If you like the idea of ​​breaking substances down into their simplest parts, a career focused on materials science might be right for you. Entry-level materials scientists analyze the atomic and molecular levels of substances and study how substances interact with each other.

Recent graduates will work in both labs and offices, but additional study may be required to conduct research in the field. The 2021 median salary, counting both entry-level and experienced positions, was approximately $79,760 per year. There will be continues to be a need for materials scientists in the years to come, so it’s a promising field to get into straight out of college.

Materials Scientist Jobs Available Now

7. Water treatment plant operator

Water and wastewater treatment plants have changed drastically in recent years due to advances in technology. In the coming years, the focus will be on specialization within the industry to continue to advance and streamline the processes involved.

Although industry growth is expected to slow, many jobs will still need to be filled. Job descriptions have changed over the years and there is now a greater need for professionals who specialize in the technology used. The BLS reported that there are 10,800 openings for operators of water and wastewater treatment plants and systems planned each year.

Plant and facility operators earn approximately $47,880 per year and must take on-the-job training to support their schooling.

Water Treatment Plant Operator Jobs Available Now

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