Experts say more job seekers are looking for seasonal work, but fewer jobs are available

INDIANAPOLIS — If you’re looking for seasonal work, experts advise planning accordingly.

“You’ve got kind of an interesting mix of more people looking for jobs and fewer jobs than we saw last year,” Indeed economist Cory Stahle said. “There’s going to be a little stiffer competition than what we saw last year for these types of jobs.”

Indeed released its outlook over the vacation rental season.

In it, Stahle said 33% more people are looking for seasonal jobs compared to last year. An increase, he said, could be attributed to several reasons.

“Right now in the United States we have these record high inflation levels that we haven’t seen in several decades,” he said.

Along with households looking for other opportunities to supplement their incomes in response to inflation, Stahle said the return to in-person work is also increasing as people feel more comfortable post-pandemic.

Meanwhile, according to Indeed’s outlook, employers are cutting back on opportunities slightly. Based on seasonal posts on their site, Stahle said employer demand fell 8.2%. Indeed’s outlook also mentions that the share of assignments reporting an urgent need for seasonal assistance has also declined.

“On the display side of things, which is kind of driving this pullback, there’s also a lot of talk in the economy right now about a potential recession,” he said, ” and so that might be something that might sway some employers.

Despite concerns, Stahle said what we’re seeing in the labor market right now doesn’t indicate a recession.

“Overall, if we look at the job market, what we see is that there are still a lot more jobs now than there were before the pandemic, and things are really solid,” he said.

Meanwhile, some companies are hoping to benefit from the increased pool of candidates. Jiffy Lube of Indiana COO Lonnie Hinkle said demand is year-round as they looking to fill a part-time and full-time positions.

“Winter is coming, they say,” he said. “The demand for tires is increasing. The demand for oil changes is increasing, and think of all the vacation trips. Certainly, the demand is increasing and we are looking for help.

“It’s a wide range of opportunities here at Jiffy Lube,” Hinkle said. “We have entry level positions for Lubrication Technicians, which can start anywhere at entry level from $12, $13, $14 per hour.”

Hinkle said some positions don’t require prior experience because they will train if you’re willing to learn.

“For entry level, really no experience necessary,” Hinkle said. “We have an award-winning training program called ‘Jiffy Lube University’, so we can train someone from scratch.”

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