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Working while studying brings many benefits. You will gain experience and meet new people (especially locals) while earning money. But Committing to a set shift can be difficult. Add classes and deadlines, and what could be a great experience turns into a grueling chore.

The good news is that there are more flexible part-time jobs in the UK these days. These usually refer to work you perform under a contract or only on specific days, such as weekends. Currently, there are approximately two million freelancers in the UK – which shows how many opportunities and vacancies are available, even for non-locals.

Luckily, job hunting isn’t as difficult as it used to be. Gone are the days of flipping through newspapers, circling jobs that interest you, and then researching the company. Nowadays, with online job boards, finding a flexible part-time job is just a few clicks away.

Check out these five websites that offer flexible part-time jobs for international students in the UK:


Present since 2014, CONCERT is a pioneer in helping workers find flexible part-time jobs in the UK. This has earned them recognition as the UK’s leading app for finding flexible shift work.

Instead of typical full-time office jobs, construction workers work as independent contractors, contract workers, short-term workers, and temporary workers. This allows students to work with more than one company and explore their interests while developing their skills and knowledge.

GIG is a website that not only connects you with job postings, but also with employers. Available in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Machester, GIG offers job vacancies in many fields. This includes jobs in events, retail, security, waitress and many more.

2. Rhythm

Next on the list is Tempo, a recruitment platform that aims to connect job seekers with some of the UK’s top startups. From part-time flex jobs to full-time gigs, Tempo has you covered.

Recognizing the difficulty that comes with traditional job searches, Tempo was launched in 2017 to create a platform that makes the job search process faster and easier for employees and employers.

Students interested in a career in customer service, sales, marketing, or operations can secure part-time employment through Tempo. JThrough the website, students will be offered start-up jobs that match their experience, skills, preferences, and availability.

Additionally, Tempo introduced a video profile feature where interested students can upload a video of themselves to their profile, increasing their chances of being seen by the startups they want to join.

3. Indeed Flex

Created with the support of Indeed — known as the world’s number one job boardIndeed Flex is an app that connects job seekers with temporary job vacancies with some of the UK’s top companies.

You can filter based on your schedule, location, and salary expectations. “We started Indeed Flex because we believed the temporary worker had been underserved for decades. Through the technology we build, we want to give our workers ownership and control, allowing them to choose work that matches their ever-changing needs and providing them with the tools to grow further,” says Novo Constare, CEO of Indeed Flex.


flexible is marked as “a better recruitment agency, to help you achieve more. Covering the whole of the UK, the site posted 23,645 hours of work per month and had over 4.7 million active applicants.

Using its smartphone app, you’ll find jobs locally, at some of the UK’s best companies. Signing up is super fast and finding local flex jobs is easy. All you need to do is book shifts that fit your schedule, submit timesheets in the app, and monitor your earnings.

Some salaries are paid on a weekly basis, others by an immediate cash function. If you run into any issues, a Flexy team is on hand 24/7 to help.

5. Adia

Adia publishes jobs for these industries: hospitality, construction, warehouse, events and many more.

It is unique because it allows job seekers to know the availability of a job and the salary offered before applying. Employers can see each job seeker’s skills, experience, and ratings before deciding on a salary and choosing to hire the person.

It is available in selected UK cities. So if you are studying in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, York or Leeds and looking to earn some extra money, try this job search site.

Acculevel expands service area to include Chicago and adds new jobs Mon, 21 Nov 2022 16:24:00 +0000

Acculevel is an Indiana-based foundation repair and waterproofing company serving homeowners since 1996

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, November 21, 2022 / — Acculevel expands its service area into the greater Chicago area. The company will create additional well-paying jobs both locally and regionally to accommodate this ambitious new market expansion.

Extended service area: IN, IL, KY, OH, MI

The Beery family started Acculevel with a focus on the central Indiana region. Their first expansion was to cover all of Indiana. Twenty-six years later, they have gradually expanded into the surrounding four states, becoming a major player and service provider throughout the central midwest.

Chicago bound

Acculevel’s most recent expansion extends further into Illinois, bringing the greater Chicago area into the fold. This presents a dramatic increase in opportunities, and Acculevel is actively recruiting additional employees needed to properly service the needs of Chicago landlords.

Acculevel is also building a brand new headquarters that will triple the size of its current facility. This larger home office is still in the same small town of Rossville, where the Beery family is from, and is expected to be completed in the spring of 2023.

Focus on new growth while maintaining standards

Already well established as a trusted service provider, the business has grown exponentially since 1996. Andy and his wife Sharla started their business like many other entrepreneurs, working from home from their garage. After quickly outgrowing an expanded garage space, they realized Acculevel needed a home of their own and they moved the business into their own facility.

Over the past three years, the company has literally doubled in size. Acculevel added a dedicated service and maintenance department, multiple installation teams, tradesmen, and a variety of sales and office personnel.

Acculevel plans to double its sales force by the first quarter of 2023, as well as add additional work crews and qualified service technicians and expand its office staff.

Paul Downey, new vice president of sales

One of the newest additions to the staff is their new Vice President of Sales, Paul Downey. His responsibilities include the training and development of sales staff and guiding the expansion of the service area.

Paul has an extremely successful track record, working as a sales and marketing expert for various companies in the home services, hospitality and political consulting industries. Like Andy, he is dedicated to personal growth and the development of all staff. He is also committed to raising Acculevel’s profile as an employer and leader in the foundation repair and construction industry.

Best Company to Work for in the Midwest

Acculevel’s management team knows that its success in the home repair industry is tied to its exceptional customer service. Dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in customer satisfaction, the team is determined to attract and retain only the most talented work staff.

With over 100 current employees, Acculevel plans to continually expand its team roster both immediately and as it expands its service area over the next 3-5 years.

Proud to be an EOE employer, Acculevel offers exceptional benefits and competitive salaries and actively seeks to recruit individuals with a personal growth mindset into their areas of service.

For more information on job opportunities, check out their Indeed listings or the Careers page on their website.

About Acculevel

Acculevel is a family business that repairs home foundations, installs waterproofing, and provides related services such as sagging floor repair, slabjacking, crack repair, egress windows, and more. Their service area already covers all of Indiana and parts of the surrounding five states.

Acculevel’s corporate culture is centered on two major goals: service and community. Dedicated to solving homeowners’ foundation issues in the most cost effective and thorough manner, their motto is to treat every home as if it were their own.

Founder and CEO Andy Beery is also dedicated to investing in its employees and the community at large. Andy believes that helping others succeed is the key to achieving greater social progress. To this end, it promotes the personal growth and prosperity of its employees, while contributing to the economic and social development of their communities.

For more information or press inquiries about Acculevel’s expansion, culture, or work, contact Kelly Kater.

Kelly Kater
+1 866-669-3349
write to us here
Visit us on social media:

Documents detail police action surrounding toddler’s death | News, Sports, Jobs Sat, 19 Nov 2022 06:31:25 +0000 News Photo by Julie Riddle Aaron Trout’s home near Glennie appears in August.

ALPENA — The day Jayde McDonnell died, a police net slowly fell on the man suspected of the violence that killed her.

Documents obtained by The News in a Freedom of Information Act request detail the events of July 22, the day the 2-year-old girl died of abuse allegedly at the hands of her mother, Adrienne Pavelka, and toddler. his mother’s friend, Aaron Trout, in Alcona County.

Police believe Trout abused the child for some time – strapped her to a toilet training seat and forced her to sleep on the porch with her hands tied – before the violent incident ended. resulted in the death of the child.

On July 19, police say, an enraged trout threw the girl and picked her up by her ankles, slamming her against a hallway wall.

Although the child was badly injured and mostly unresponsive, neither Trout nor Pavelka called for medical help until, on July 22, Trout drove Pavelka and the deceased daughter to MyMichigan Medical. Center Alpena, according to the police.

News photo by Julie Riddle A road sign indicating the rural road where police believe Aaron Trout killed Jayde McDonnell appears in August.

Trout and Pavelka face charges of first degree murder and child abuse.

Pavelka acted “out of fear for his life and the lives of the people he cares about,” said Matt Wojda, Pavelka’s attorney.

Bill Pfeifer, representing Trout, could not be reached for comment.

The following account, describing police actions surrounding the death of Jayde McDonnell, is taken from reports submitted by police officers and medical workers and submitted to The News by the Michigan State Police.


sergeant. Alpena Police Department officer Mark Bluck was moments from the hospital when a dispatcher said a woman had just arrived at the emergency room with an unconscious child shortly after 9 a.m. July 22.

When Bluck arrived at the hospital, a doctor ran up to him and told him the child was dead.

The girl was lying on a stretcher in a trauma room, covered up to her neck with a sheet. A nurse sat outside the room, visibly shaken.

In another room, Bluck met Pavelka, who cried telling him that Trout had killed the child.

According to Pavelka, Trout became violent when the toddler “pooped in the toilet and didn’t tell us.”

Trout disconnected the house phone so he couldn’t call for help and held a gun to his head, ordering him not to tell anyone, Pavelka told MSP Alpena Post Detective Anthony Utt.

“I didn’t do anything, because I was too scared,” Pavelka told Utt.

The next day, Pavelka went to work and pretended everything was fine while Trout was home alone with the child, she told hospital workers.

According to Pavelka, Trout gave her about 20 “little white pills” that day and the next day, saying the pills would “help her forget.”

When Trout finally agreed to take Pavelka and the child to Alpena Hospital on the 22nd, he threatened to kill Pavelka’s mother and other children, then living in the downstate, if Pavelka wasn’t lying about the girl’s injuries, Pavelka told Bluck at the hospital.

Around the same time, police learned that a man matching Trout’s description was in the hospital. Officers confirmed the man was not Trout, but the hospital, as a precaution, closed and workers moved Pavelka to a room further inside the building.

In the trauma room, the county medical examiner said the child “had been through hell,” Bluck said.


Meanwhile, police were searching for the black 2014 Ford Taurus that Trout had fled in, threatening further violence.

Shortly before 10 a.m., a “be on the lookout” alert for Trout’s vehicle reached Iosco County, where a cellphone ping placed Trout. The driver was to be considered armed and dangerous.

Approaching the location indicated by the ping from several directions, the police searched the area for the Taurus, without success.

When a new ping placed Trout at his home on Camp Ten Trail, southwest of Glennie, officers took up positions on the roads leading to the house. The many unmarked trails and side roads in the heavily wooded area around Trout’s home provided ways to escape if Trout knew the police were moving towards him, so officers had to form a tight but hidden circle around it. of their subject.

With officers arriving from at least nine police departments, including MSP’s Seventh District Fugitive Team and the United States Forest Services Law Division, incident commanders established a staging area at the service Glennie Fire Department for officers not assigned to a post on the perimeter around Trout’s house.

A rural postman in the area informed the police that he had just seen the Bull of Traut while delivering the mail.

At 1:03 p.m., an undercover soldier from the Michigan State Police’s Seventh District Emergency Support Team turned onto a road about half a mile from Trout’s house in an unmarked pickup truck, saying to his co-workers that he planned to walk past the house to see if the Taurus was there.

Five minutes later, a call on the police radio said the soldier had taken Trout into custody.

When uniformed officers arrived, they heard screams coming from behind the house. Running towards the backyard, they saw the soldier fighting with Trout, both on the ground.

Trout, pinned to the ground by the soldier, flailed his arms and legs, apparently trying to run away. Uniformed officers pulled Trout’s arms behind his back and handcuffed him.

Repeating “I didn’t do anything” and “I don’t even know what’s going on” during his arrest, Trout told police, “I did what was right” and “I immediately taken to hospital,” police said. .

After the arrest, police took Trout to a nearby hospital, not Alpena, where, at Trout’s request, health workers scanned his shoulder, spine and brain, finding nothing to worry about. according to medical records attached to police reports.

Drug tests taken during this visit indicated the presence of cannabinoids, but were negative for other drugs.


That same evening, an MSP Crime Scene Response Team from Grayling arrived, entering the house through a sliding glass door leading from a back porch to the living room.

To their left was a kitchen and a small entrance room. To their right, a hallway led to two bedrooms, including the room where Trout would have initially caught the child.

Lab techs tested several places in the house for the presence of blood, including stains on several objects in the house and several parts of the hallway wall, with negative results.

At a third location in the hallway, the response team’s test indicated the possible presence of blood.

The response team collected swabs from “certain areas of interest”, all from the northwest wall of the hallway, for further examination and gathered bedding for further testing.

In a bathroom, they found a potty training chair with a piece of duct tape and exposed hair stuck to it. Large areas of mesh printed adhesive residue were evident on the chair.

Outside, they found and picked up a rope with what looked like intertwined hair. A search of an outdoor fireplace uncovered duct tape, which the team recovered, as well as a stained blanket on the back porch.

Police also seized a plastic tub — like the one Pavelka said the couple used as part of the child’s toilet training — and weapons with ammunition, including several rifles and semi-pistols. automatic.

After approximately three hours of investigation, including photographs and sketches of the scene, the crime scene response team left with their evidence, leaving the crime scene in the custody of local police.

In an interview with Utt two days later, Trout denied ever hurting the child.

Police arrested Pavelka a few days later, shortly after attending his daughter’s funeral.

Julie Riddle can be reached at 989-358-5693, or on Twitter @jriddleX.

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Browns will face Bills in Detroit | News, Sports, Jobs Sat, 19 Nov 2022 05:29:02 +0000

BEREA, Ohio — Myles Garrett would rather make bags than snow angels.

The NFL’s decision to move the Browns’ Sunday game from Buffalo to Detroit due to a monstrous winter storm didn’t bother Cleveland’s All-Pro defensive end at all.

He is happy to leave his shovel at home.

“It benefits everyone that we’re not playing in the snow,” Garrett said Friday. “As fun as it can be as kids, we get overpaid for sliding and sliding and trying to make games and trying to do what we regularly do when we’re in 3 feet of snow.”

There has been a sea change in the past 24 hours for the Browns (3-6), who have had a disappointing season so far and are desperate to keep weak playoff hopefuls from completely fading. .

Instead of facing the Bills (6-3), their high-octane offense and the over-excited Buffalo crowd outside in gusty winds and biting cold, the Browns will be warm and toasty at inside Ford Field, home of the Lions – which could be filled with more Cleveland fans due to the shorter route.

This may not be the league’s intended neutral site.

“I’m as curious as anyone about what it’s going to look like, who’s going to be in that stadium and how full it’s going to be,” Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said. “We are ready for the silent count. Obviously, we’ve been practicing silent counting all week.

“We have to get there on Sunday and see what it looks like. Obviously, I’d like as many people in brown and orange as possible, but I’m as curious as anyone to see exactly how many people are in there.

Seeking to prevent their season from going further south, the Browns will travel west by bus and then north to Michigan on Saturday before the game, which was moved Thursday for security reasons.

At this point, the Bills’ arrival time in Detroit is unclear. They canceled practice on Friday and met virtually, but some players were unable to participate after losing power as the snow piled up.

With swirls of snow at their facility, the Browns practiced inside their home turf to better replicate the conditions they’ll face in Detroit.

There was a hiccup during practice when starting cornerback Greg Newsome II suffered a concussion after colliding with an unidentified teammate. The Browns said he was placed under protocol and will miss Sunday’s game.

It’s another blow for Newsome, who started all nine games. Last year, he suffered a concussion when he fell and hit his head on the turf during the last play of a Friday practice before the Browns played Baltimore. He missed three games.

“It happens,” Stefanski said. “You’re going full speed ahead.”

Losing Newsome is a blow to Cleveland’s already-suspect defense, which will have its hands full with Bills quarterback Josh Allen and his team of talented wide receivers. Stefanski said a weekend injury is never easy.

“It’s happened before,” he said. “As we talked about, sometimes you get injured before the game and you get injured in the first or third quarter or at the start of the week and at the end of the week. You just have to adapt. »

It’s been another week of adjustments for the Browns, who are coming off an atrocious performance last Sunday in Miami. The Dolphins rushed for 195 yards as Cleveland’s defensive front was pushed all over the field.

The pitiful performance prompted questions about staff, training and effort.

Garrett said it was up to the 11 defenders to stop the run.

“It’s always a matter of desire, who wants to push themselves and really play,” he said. “It’s usually you against another man, sometimes a double team among the inside, but once that guy comes out, you have to push to finish and get in there and make that game no matter what. “

This week, however, the main focus is on putting pressure on Allen and containing the dual-threat quarterback capable of making big plays on the ground or in the air. Allen has been subject to turnover lately with six interceptions over the past three weeks.

After last weekend’s loss, Garrett was confident the Browns could salvage their season with wins at Buffalo and at home against Tampa Bay.

Although a location has changed, Garrett said the mission remains the same.

“Still very confident to go to Detroit and get this win,” he said.

NOTES: The Browns pick up two showpieces. TE David Njoku said he will play after missing the last two games with a sprained ankle, and LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah was cleared after missing two games with a knee injury . … RT Jack Conklin and his wife welcomed their third child this week. Their son, Crew, was born five weeks early but is doing well. “It’s been an exciting week in every way,” he said.

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]]> Carvana to cut 1,500 jobs as online car dealership problems grow Fri, 18 Nov 2022 17:39:49 +0000

(Bloomberg) – Carvana Co. said it would cut about 1,500 jobs, adding to the growing list of layoffs at corporate America as the online vehicle dealership grapples with a slowing car market. ‘opportunity.

Bloomberg’s Most Read

The job cuts amount to about 8% of the company’s workforce, a spokesperson confirmed on Friday.

Chief executive Ernest Garcia told staff the layoffs were part of a broader cost-cutting effort, according to a person familiar with the matter who asked not to be identified. The cuts, along with moves to eliminate some sites and end some shifts, are due to the tough economic environment, the person said.

The job cuts will impact business, operations and technology roles, the person said. Affected employees will receive severance and severance pay until at least January 1, as well as three months of medical coverage. They will also receive unvested equity awards as cash payments, depending on the person.

The move marks the latest setback for Carvana, which is struggling with cash outflows and a falling share price. The Tempe, Arizona-based company, which operates an online platform selling used cars, benefited last year when supply issues in new car production caused a surge in demand for used vehicles. But a recent market reversal, marked by falling used vehicle prices and rising interest rates, has hurt consumer demand.

Read more: Carvana shares plunge to record low as used car values ​​fade

The shares fell 6.1% to $7.81 at 1:14 p.m. in New York. Carvana has plunged 96% this year through Thursday’s close.

Used vehicle prices fell in October for the fifth straight month, according to the closely watched Mannheim Used Vehicle Value Index. The change has significantly dampened Carvana’s business and has Wall Street analysts worried, with Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas recently saying the stock could be worth as little as $1.

Carvana this month cited a weaker used-car market and the broader economy when its quarterly earnings missed analysts’ estimates.

The company is the latest in a string of companies across industries to cut its ranks as conditions deteriorate, FedEx Corp. having said earlier this week that it would lay off some workers. Most of the biggest job losses have been in the tech industry.

CNBC earlier announced the layoff plans.

(Updates with details on cost reductions in third paragraph)

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Teaching can be hard work | News, Sports, Jobs Fri, 18 Nov 2022 07:38:52 +0000

Let’s pick up where we left off last week.

Yes, the teachers have funny — sometimes even hilarious — stories about their adventures.

Yet, until you put yourself in the teacher’s shoes, you have no idea how difficult the job can be.

ı ı ı

Is teaching the hardest job there is?

No of course not.

More difficult jobs are not difficult to imagine.

Imagine if you can – which you can’t really do if you haven’t experienced it – what it must be like to be in the military with enemy forces trying to kill you.

Imagine if you can – which you really can’t do if you haven’t experienced it – what it must be like to be a law enforcement officer, firefighter or emergency medical technician during one of their most difficult days.

Imagine if you can – which you really can’t do if you haven’t experienced it – what it must be like to undertake truly backbreaking manual labor.

Imagine if you can – which you can’t really do if you haven’t experienced it – what it must be like to work in a really poor country where you’re trying to help people survive. Just survive.

ı ı ı

Teaching is difficult in other ways.

Those who teach in elementary or secondary schools probably have 15 to 30 students in their charge at any one time.

Teachers need to know their subjects and be able to convey them to every student in the class.

Part of being successful in conveying topics to people of all ages is the ability to be both interesting and interested: Interesting as a presenter and interested in both the topic and the audience.

The former is even more difficult than before, as the general public, including student audiences, have shorter attention spans than before.

Please ask any teacher about this.

In addition, each student has a different personality, has a different aptitude and comes from different circumstances.

As for abilities, you wouldn’t want to live in a house that this columnist “built.” Or drive a car whose engine this columnist “revised”. The house wouldn’t stand, the car wouldn’t drive, and neither would be safe. At least not for long. Probably not at all.

In terms of circumstances, some students are fortunate to come from solid and supportive families.

Some don’t. It may be more difficult for teachers to reach students who lack such a chance.

Indeed, two of the greatest challenges facing teachers are (1) the reduction in attention span and (2) the decline of the family in general as a social unit.

Neither is the doing of the teachers.

ı ı ı

And consider this: when students turn 18, they have spent about 10% of their time in a classroom and about 90% elsewhere.

The 10% figure seems too low, doesn’t it? But it’s not. Please run the numbers. Children who attend half-day kindergarten and full-time K-12 school actually spend 13¢ of those 18 years in school. They do it about half the days of the year. And they’re in a classroom that many hours a day.

So, looking at alone time, school is not the primary influence on children.

Nevertheless, some people are quick to blame the teachers whenever something goes wrong with the children.

Marie cannot read. For this, some people do not hesitate to blame the teacher.

Johnny can’t do math. For this, some people do not hesitate to blame the teacher.

Sometimes the teacher can really do better.

Yet often the challenge lies elsewhere. Younger students aren’t exactly one step ahead if, for example, their primary “activity” from birth until their school years, they sat in front of a television with almost no one taking them away from the television and reading to them; teach them letters, numbers, colors, shapes, days, months, seasons or how to read the time; take them to interesting places, like a local library or local park; or have them play with other children.

Similarly, no student is exactly one step ahead if, for example, no one at home regularly and sufficiently reinforces (1) what they learn in school, (2) checks their homework, or ( 3) otherwise supports its teachers in particular or their schools in general.

ı ı ı

Yes, teaching can be hard work.

Teaching is one of the two toughest jobs Randy Elf has ever had.


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The number and type of jobs that would be created in the proposed Amazon data center are still unclear | New Wed, 16 Nov 2022 19:26:00 +0000

Forty-five jobs for Buttercrane as five new stores open Wed, 16 Nov 2022 16:44:57 +0000

As retailers gear up for pre-Christmas trading, Buttercrane Center has been boosted with the addition of five stores this month.

Christmas 2022 Newry, Morne and Down District Council in every article

The center is home to over 50 stores anchored by Primark, Dunnes Stores, Sports Direct and LIDL with five new additions representing an investment of over £1.1 million and covering some 15,000 square feet of additional retail space . This month, new rentals have emerged including Boots Opticians, B Perfect Cosmetics and fashion boutique Ivy Lane, while existing tenants HOME and Superdrug have both doubled their footprint. In the five stores, 45 new jobs have been created.

Buttercrane Center Manager Peter Murray said: “We are delighted to have 98% occupancy as we approach the Christmas season. Following the recent major investment in the scheme, the opening of Bridge Street and the acquisition of anchor tenants Sports Direct and Lidl last year, we have capitalized on this lure to deliver an exciting mix of new brands to Buttercrane.

“These new brands, larger stores and enhanced mall offering are a testament to the hard work of our management team, leasing agents Lambert Smith Hampton and Cushman Wakefield, and the owner’s continued investment in ensuring services and facilities of the highest quality to our customers. ”

Boots the Chemist has been trading successfully in the Center for over 20 years and has now added Boots the Optician in a strategic move to build the brand at NI. It is a multiple leader in the UK with over 550 stores and this is their 7th store in Northern Ireland. Customers can choose from a range of designer brand frames including Versace, Tipperary, Armani, Saint Laurent and Kurt Geiger. Hearing Care is also offered in the store using the latest hearing testing technology.

This month B Perfect launched a new store in Buttercrane, joining other mega stores in Belfast, Dublin and Glasgow. The award-winning Irish cosmetics brand was first launched by local man Brendan McDonnell in 2012 and has since achieved ‘must have’ status and multiple awards for B Perfect tanning and cosmetic products which are now stocked in over 2000 stores across Ireland and the UK.

The beginning of November also welcomed Ivy Lane, a new independent womenswear boutique specializing in trendy and affordable fashion. Following the success of sister store Reeva, Ivy Lane will offer a range of special occasion and evening looks from brands such as AX Paris, Kate & Pippa and Marc Angelo in sizes 8-16.

In a clear sign of confidence in the Centre, Superdrug has doubled the store’s footprint and its workforce as it reveals a ‘makeover’ this month, becoming one of NI’s largest stores.

Bigger is definitely better for the cosmetics multiple which now occupies around 7,000 square feet and which brings a number of new cosmetics brands to Newry including Nails Inc, Bourjois, Re Love by Revolution and skincare collections from La RocPosey, AHC, Egyptian Magic, ALYA and Imina.

Additionally, it has expanded its brow, piercing and nail services with a larger dedicated service bar in the new store with new options, including brow and lash lamination, delivered by beauty technicians. qualified.

Home – the kitchen, living and bedding specialist has worked at Buttercrane for four years and this month ‘moved’ to a new retail unit which doubles in size to 2,800 square feet. The store now offers an extensive range of furniture, decor and bedding with many seasonal offers.

Welcoming the new additions, Peter Murray, Center Manager, said: “Buttercrane has always offered an enviable mix of independent and national retailers that customers love and we are delighted to welcome these new brands and the expansion of existing retailers. This has created significant new jobs in the region and it is great to see local and national businesses investing economically in our region. The cumulative investment of £1.1m is a very clear signal of confidence in Newry City, traditional ‘bricks and mortar retail’ and Buttercrane Center itself,” concluded Peter.

How to Change Jobs in Harvestella Tue, 15 Nov 2022 10:00:00 +0000

After reaching the Unicorn mini-boss battle in Harvestella, players will have the option to switch between their Fighter and Mage jobs.

Job change in Harvestelle is a common activity that players will do quite frequently during their adventure. Of course, there will be specific tasks that fans will enjoy more than others, but the combat mechanics of enemy mobs encourage adventurers to switch between tasks often. For example, players start out as a fighter, but will eventually reach a point in the story when they encounter a Crawler, a tough-skinned monster that can withstand physical attacks. However, Crawlers are weak against Ice Abilities, the elemental attacks the Mage Job can perform. Therefore, moving from a fighter position to a mage position becomes necessary to progress in Harvestelle.


To change from Employment in Harvestelle, players should open the pause menu and select the party, which is between “Valuables” and “Work”. Of course, many fans might assume that the Work tab would be the section where they perform this action, but that’s not the case. After entering the party, players can see their protagonist character. Scroll down to “Select Job/Equipment” and choose one of the tabs. This action will open a window listing all currently available Jobs.

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Change combat jobs in Harvestella

Holiday Menu Job Swap at Harvestella

Once players have chosen which tasks to equip for their character in Harvestelle, they can freely switch between jobs whenever they are near a Motus Monolite, the fastest points of interest in the world. Now, when Adventurers enter combat, they will be able to switch between Jobs they have equipped from the Party Menu. However, gamepur indicates that the cooldown will trigger once fighters switch jobs during battle. This limitation is naturally in place to prevent players from constantly switching abilities to spam. Attacks on professional skills in Harvestelle.

Harvestelle players can reduce this job change cooldown for each job by unlocking a specific skill known as the Shorten Job Change Cooldown. For example, if adventurers want to reduce the time it takes to switch from mage to other jobs, they can spend their JP (job points) to unlock the cooldown of shortening job switch (mage). For newcomers, it’s important to note that job switching will not be available until they reach the Unicorn miniboss battle in Higan Canyon. Once defeated, this beast will teach players how to use magic, allowing them to equip the Mage Job and kill the Crawler they encountered earlier. Additionally, additional jobs can be unlocked by progressing through the main story and increasing the close relationship stat with the The companions of the protagonist in Harvestelle.

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Source: gamepur

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    In Harvestella, players are immersed in a world whose seasons are guided by four gigantic crystals called Seaslight. However, the peaceful order of the world is disrupted when a new season arrives, known as Quietus – the Season of Death. In this new season, crops wither and die, and human beings cannot leave their homes – and years have passed since the Quietus began. To do this, players assume the role of Ein and set out to find the source of the deadly affliction and stop him before the world is ruined. Joined by a missionary, a mechanic, and a girl from the future, Ein will travel through five major cities around the world while battling fierce monsters and gathering materials to farm and rebuild their village. Part life-sim, part action-RPG, players can choose from one of twelve classes to tackle the obstacles ahead.

For Food Abundance, Think Bigger Than Another Farm Bill | News, Sports, Jobs Tue, 15 Nov 2022 08:04:59 +0000

WASHINGTON — Turkey prices are skyrocketing this Thanksgiving, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As food prices help push inflation to its highest level in 40 years, Americans are feeling the heat in grocery stores and at family dinners. It is in this context that Congress is set to consider another farm bill, a massive bill that would be essential to ending hunger in America with farm subsidies and food stamps. Good luck with that. Government subsidies and handouts are not the way to increase food abundance. Rather, this happy ending requires innovation and entrepreneurial creativity.

There is something infuriating in the belief that food production would be more plentiful and efficient – ​​and the results healthier and cheaper – with even more subsidies for relatively well-off farmers and agribusinesses. Indeed, there is ample evidence that agricultural subsidies stifle innovation, make producers less competitive, reduce incentives to increase efficiency and use less water and pesticides, and shift the focus away from agricultural crops. to seek grants. As a result, many farmers end up doing less with more, and people end up paying more for less.

To add insult to injury, agricultural subsidies often lead to overproduction, which, in theory, should reduce the price of agricultural products and reduce farmers’ profits. That is, if the government did not appease this powerful lobby by buying up its excess production. In other words, taxpayers pay for the grants or loan guarantees, then the resulting surplus production, then the storage.

Never mind these distortions, however, because the biggest expense on the farm bill is on food stamps. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that those taxpayer dollars would go a lot further towards feeding poor families if farm subsidies hadn’t raised the price of that food in the first place. After years of food subsidies and changes in food stamp eligibility, about 40 million Americans will benefit from a $140 billion budget this fiscal year.

Although putting more and more food stamps in people’s pockets may reduce food insecurity for some, the program suffers from serious shortcomings, including reducing incentives to work for most of the population. age and reducing income mobility. These shortcomings are significant obstacles in the fight against child poverty, since the employment of low-income parents is at the root of much of its long-term decline.

It’s time for a new approach to tackling food insecurity. Let’s do it through genuine food abundance, not subsidies.

True abundance will be achieved by radical innovation in agricultural technology deployed to produce food efficiently and cheaply. It’s hard to say what the details will be; the nature of innovation is such that the future cannot be accurately predicted. But if the government steps aside, innovators will indeed, as they have done in the past, reinvent what we eat and how we create our food to meet growing demand and feed more people.

With vertical and urban farming, imagine growing all of our food in 50-story vertical farms in every major urban area, controlling the growth cycle, reducing transportation costs, and increasing the freshness of the food we eat. Add to that genetically modified foods that produce more predictable, more nutritious, faster, and cheaper foods than traditional breeding methods, and the possibilities are endless. Lab-grown meat and other types of milk can appeal to Americans who care about animal welfare and the environment while helping people around the world who live in land- and water-scarce countries.

Innovation can also improve aquaculture which has been blamed for huge carbon footprints and overuse of antibiotics. The international shrimp industry is infamous for its negative impact on the environment and even for the use of slave labor. But this problem could be solved by artificial cultivation. Soon there may be a lobster in every trap, even for the poorest among us.

Food innovation will not only change the way we produce food. Nanotechnology may soon reduce food waste and increase its safety in ways that our overlords of food regulation could never offer. Innovations in food packaging are expected, including edible packaging made from food-grade polymers such as seaweed and other biodegradable packaging.

Although these innovations are not yet ready for prime time, I am confident in their ability to reduce food insecurity faster and better than the billions of dollars in subsidies the government is about to provide can. next year and in the years to come.

— — —

Véronique de Rugy is the George Gibbs Chair in Political Economy and Senior Fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. To learn more about Véronique de Rugy and to read articles by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at

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