How People Make Money As Costs Rise

“It can be quite expensive to fund a product-based business and I loved the idea of ​​working with multiple clients and different industries to diversify and flex my skillset, while building a portfolio,” says Distefano.

Each week, Distefano spends an average of five to ten hours on each job outside of his full-time job. She admits that juggling is pressure and limits socializing on weeknights to achieve this.

“It’s really hard to be honest, but when you’re doing something you love, you’ll always find time for it,” she says.

Higher mortgage repayments are forcing many Australians to find second and sometimes third jobs.Credit:Jason South

While Distefano initially locked his mortgage at a low rate, inflation caused his repayments and cost of living to rise.

“With this extra income, I don’t feel like I have to sacrifice a lot, and I’m extremely grateful for that,” she says.

Oliver Woolrych, community organizer at Fiverr, explains that the hours spent on a second job on their platform vary from person to person and from week to week.

“One of our freelancers works in NFT creation working an overtime 25 hours a week and earns around $14,000 a month, while another takes on voice-over work on a project basis and earns $1,500 to $3,000 when she needs extra income,” he says.


Although tap generalist Dwyer plans to keep her job long-term, not everyone does.

“For some people, this tendency may be part of people’s exit strategies from their first job,” says Bamber.

Given that Distefano and Dwyer cite finding time for everything a challenge, if money is the primary motivator behind wanting a second job, it might be easier to see if you can get a raise first. of salary.

“Too long working hours are detrimental to well-being, as well as work-life balance, health and safety at work. There is a risk that people will have accidents if they are too tired when carpooling in the evening or making food deliveries, especially if they have already done a day’s work in their first job,” Bamber points out.

Lauren Ford, head of labor statistics at the ABS, said the number of people working multiple jobs rose 4.3% in the June quarter to a record high of around 900,000 people, or 6 .5% of all employed persons.

“This is the highest rate since the quarterly series began in 1994, and about 0.5 percentage points above its pre-pandemic level,” she said.

“The increase in secondary jobs and hours worked since the start of the pandemic has coincided with a sharp drop in the number of part-time and full-time workers who would like to work more hours, with underemployment now at levels historically low levels.

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