How students rushing for computer science jobs are making entry-level engineering roles shine

“Who will solve the basic problems? A former director of IIT had recently posed this question, pointing out that all top-ranking students opt for computer science and related fields. According to data shared by the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA), out of the top 100 JEE ranking incumbents, no less than 97 opted for a course in computer science.

Those who choose non-CSE engineering fields also tend to accept IT jobs because they pay relatively higher salaries. “Organizations in the IT services sector are also major employers of students in basic engineering branches. They see it as a training pool for lower-level technical jobs. This makes every student enrolled in engineering aspire for a job in IT,” said S Pasupathi, Chief Operating Officer, HirePro.

According to data from global job site, among engineering graduates seeking employment, up to 68% come from basic engineering backgrounds. Candidates actually enter IT companies during their on-campus internships, as companies such as Infosys, TCS, and CTS recruit newcomers with an engineering background. During this time, the basic concepts become isolated and it is difficult to return to the basic areas, so they continue their careers on the same path.

Students quit IITs for the love of CSE

“It is a well-known pattern that the top classifieds in Advanced JEE prefer to opt for Computer Science and related courses. It is also observed that some students do not join IITs because they cannot obtain the CSE on the basis of their JEE Advanced rank, and join NITs or BITS as they can gain admission into CSE…These days, placement packages help in defining the attractiveness of a branch,” said Prof. Rajat Agrawal, Associate Dean of Innovation and Incubation, IIT Roorkee, and Professor, Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee.

The CSE rush leaves many key areas finding the right kind of talent. “Most of the engineering problems we face today relate to basic engineering fields such as electronics, electrical, mechanical, materials science, civil, energy, environment and sustainability. The solutions to these issues are often found in basic engineering areas. Unfortunately, these issues are not being tackled as vigorously as they should. As a result, opportunities in key areas of engineering are not fully exploited,” said Sneh Saurabh, Associate Professor, ECE Department, Indraprastha Institute of Information. Technology (IIIT-Delhi).

“Making Basic Engineering Profitable”

To exploit the opportunities in the core engineering fields, academic institutes need to redesign the curriculum for the core engineering fields, taking into account the new skill sets that the industry really needs.

If the curriculum in core engineering fields is developed with the needs of industry in mind, graduate engineers will become more valuable to industry, which will naturally translate into increased salaries and opportunities. career path, and as a result, basic engineering branches will become more lucrative, Saurabh said. , the teacher of the IIIT.

“When developing such a program, closer collaboration and engagement is needed between academia and industry. Some courses may be jointly organized through industry-university collaboration, in which universities/institutes may not not have the required expertise on cutting-edge technology. It shouldn’t be a one-time effort,” he said.

Professor Agrawal from IIT Roorkee also suggested integrating computer science, artificial intelligence and machine learning into core engineering branches to improve the scope of employability of students in engineering branches. base.

“The possibility of obtaining a minor specialization in CSE with a regular B. Tech in basic engineering can be another solution to increase the attractiveness of basic branches. To make core branches more lucrative, it is important to provide more opportunities and facilities for start-ups in these branches,” Prof. Agrawal said.

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