How to Change Jobs in Harvestella

After reaching the Unicorn mini-boss battle in Harvestella, players will have the option to switch between their Fighter and Mage jobs.

Job change in Harvestelle is a common activity that players will do quite frequently during their adventure. Of course, there will be specific tasks that fans will enjoy more than others, but the combat mechanics of enemy mobs encourage adventurers to switch between tasks often. For example, players start out as a fighter, but will eventually reach a point in the story when they encounter a Crawler, a tough-skinned monster that can withstand physical attacks. However, Crawlers are weak against Ice Abilities, the elemental attacks the Mage Job can perform. Therefore, moving from a fighter position to a mage position becomes necessary to progress in Harvestelle.


To change from Employment in Harvestelle, players should open the pause menu and select the party, which is between “Valuables” and “Work”. Of course, many fans might assume that the Work tab would be the section where they perform this action, but that’s not the case. After entering the party, players can see their protagonist character. Scroll down to “Select Job/Equipment” and choose one of the tabs. This action will open a window listing all currently available Jobs.

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Change combat jobs in Harvestella

Holiday Menu Job Swap at Harvestella

Once players have chosen which tasks to equip for their character in Harvestelle, they can freely switch between jobs whenever they are near a Motus Monolite, the fastest points of interest in the world. Now, when Adventurers enter combat, they will be able to switch between Jobs they have equipped from the Party Menu. However, gamepur indicates that the cooldown will trigger once fighters switch jobs during battle. This limitation is naturally in place to prevent players from constantly switching abilities to spam. Attacks on professional skills in Harvestelle.

Harvestelle players can reduce this job change cooldown for each job by unlocking a specific skill known as the Shorten Job Change Cooldown. For example, if adventurers want to reduce the time it takes to switch from mage to other jobs, they can spend their JP (job points) to unlock the cooldown of shortening job switch (mage). For newcomers, it’s important to note that job switching will not be available until they reach the Unicorn miniboss battle in Higan Canyon. Once defeated, this beast will teach players how to use magic, allowing them to equip the Mage Job and kill the Crawler they encountered earlier. Additionally, additional jobs can be unlocked by progressing through the main story and increasing the close relationship stat with the The companions of the protagonist in Harvestelle.

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