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Questions about right-brained and left-brained people have been around since the 1980s. People have discussed this topic, written books about it, and come to several conclusions regarding right-brain and left-brain tendencies. . Although you may not have thought about this too deeply before, it helps to know if you are more inclined to think right or left. The reason is that it can guide towards the right kinds of careers. Right-brained people will be attracted to different types of jobs than left-brained people.

Have you heard that the right-brained person is more creative and thinks outside the box? If so, you may have imagined someone who is an artist, musician, or writer. While these careers would suit a right-brained person well, they are not the only types of jobs they would excel at.

Right brain vs. left-brained people

When we talk about left-brained and right-brained people, it does not mean that the person uses only that part of their brain. It would be impossible because we use both hemispheres of the brain to function in life. However, this means that the person relies more on the characteristics and traits associated with that part of the brain.

Each side of the brain helps people manage their world. And as with many things in life, people tend to favor one side more than the other. In other words, one side will dominate the person’s personality and tendencies, leading to ideal career choices.

Characteristics of right-brained people

The right-brain/left-brain theory tells us that each side of the brain is associated with traits or characteristics. We know that different hemispheres of the brain are responsible for certain types of learning and emotions. So it makes sense that there are traits that are more favored on one side of the brain.

Right-brained people typically have the following characteristics:

  • Expressive
  • Emotional
  • Creative
  • Musical
  • Ability to read others
  • Artistic
  • Imaginative
  • Intuitive
  • emotionally intelligent
  • holistic thinker
  • See the big picture
  • Innovative
  • Dreamer

The key traits of right-brained people are creativity, intuition, and emotionality. Combined with the right careers, they can be an incredible asset.

Ideal jobs for right-brained people

Some jobs will be better suited to right-brained people because of how they view problems. They use the creative side of their brains more, which makes them ideal for a wide range of positions. Let’s dive into a few jobs right-brained people would do well:


An animator’s job is filled with creativity. They can use their skills to draw, tell stories and be artistic through their creations. Animators can create entertainment videos, while others create educational content. Animation is also necessary for video games, allowing animators to develop their creative skills. If you’re right-brained and decide to go into animation, you’ll have plenty of options to work in the field as a freelancer or for a content creation company.

Why it’s a good choice:

Being an animator is an obvious good field for right-brained people. If you’re one of those people, the job provides an open field to tap into your creativity. People in this position would also love to see their work on screen. The rewarding nature of this work could feed the emotional side of their personality.

Graphic artist

Graphic designers are also in the business of art. They help companies develop their brand identity by creating logos, developing brochures, creating website designs, etc. They must be adept at using colors and shapes and blending them into an idea. Their goal is to bring out the brand image of the company. Sometimes graphic designers can use texture to add interest to the logo.

Why it’s a good choice:

Graphic design should develop an idea for a company’s brand image and convey that idea to the public visually. The designer uses all visual elements to develop an image that consumers will identify with and emotionally connect with. They have a lot of freedom to develop the material that they think best defines the business. This work also encourages free speech, which appeals to right-brained people.


Psychologists work one-on-one with people, listening to their problems. It is essential for psychologists to show empathy so that their patients feel comfortable opening up about their problems. Right-brained people are the perfect makeup for this position because they can read others and are expressive in their emotional reactions.

Why it’s a good choice:

Psychology is a great fit for right-brain thinkers for a variety of reasons. This requires someone with high emotional intelligence and empathy. These are two traits that right-brained people have. One of the roles a psychologist must play is to help the patient understand their own emotions and behaviors. This requires good listening skills and patience. Counselors also benefit from their ability to see the big picture when dealing with people’s problems, so they can help them find a solution in their personal lives.


Sometimes people may think of architects as builders, but they have a much more creative role in projects. They not only determine the size and structure of buildings. They ensure that a place is comfortable, functional and beautiful to the eye. Architects also design more than just buildings. They can develop outdoor spaces, such as beautiful recreation parks or lush golf courses. The objective of an architect is to make the space functional and aesthetic.

Why it’s a good choice:

Architecture is about taking a vision and making it a reality. It draws imagination, innovation and creativity from the right brain. Since the projects an architect works on are important, it requires being able to anticipate and visualize the whole picture or the end result. This job is ideal for right-brained individuals, as they thrive on conceptualization and visualization.

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