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Confessions of a Legal Recruiter — Is Remote Work Dead?

This is the first part of a two-part series offering insight into how law firms and lawyers are finding ways to work in the turbulent world of uncertainty.

We live in unprecedented times, during this global pandemic, law firms have adapted by embracing technology. Lawyers have gone remote to meet the challenges during this very turbulent time.

The pandemic has changed the minds of lawyers in the workplace.

Before the pandemic, 90% of all lawyers worked on site. Since the pandemic, many lawyers have found flexible hours a game-changer, allowing them to manage their time more efficiently. During the pandemic, many law firms have implemented a remote work policy.

Summer is a slower time for most law firms, for the most part the legal industry is extending remote work agreements into the fall. After Labor Day, many companies have three-day or longer office policies. Legal secretaries and executive assistants are expected to return to the office full-time in September (

Remote work offers a better balance, increasing job satisfaction.

Remote work has resulted in the creation of a more diverse and talented pool of lawyers who must consider child custody or health issues that prohibit them from working in the office.

For those looking for flexible hours and a remote working regime, several firms pay lawyers at the same rate whether they work remotely or in the office. An economic downturn could lead some companies to offer lawyers a 20% pay cut for working from home.

A recent study found that around 60% of lawyers at large law firms want more flexibility to work remotely. Lawyers want to limit office hours to one to two days a week (The American Lawyer).

Remote work helps retain and attract the brightest minds in the industry.

Is remote work dead?

Look for the next episode — Law firms want lawyers back in the office, which explains how the Great Resignation and inflationary pressures are affecting the legal workplace.


There’s no turning back: It’s time to embrace a hybrid (above the law) workplace model

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