Seasonal jobs in the Evansville area for 2022

Believe it or not, three quarters of 2022 is behind us and the holiday season will begin in a few months. For many businesses, this means hopefully big business as customers start looking for gift ideas for everyone on their list. It also means they will need extra hands on deck to handle the increased number of customers walking through the doors and ordering online, as well as products needing to be shipped in a timely manner so that they arrive in time for be used as gifts.

Evansville area businesses are currently hiring seasonal employees for 2022

Scott Areman for UPS

Scott Areman for UPS

UPS recently announced it’s looking to hire 100,000 seasonal workers across the country for full-time and part-time positions, including “seasonal delivery people and CDL drivers, package handlers and driver helpers.” The company also announced that it has streamlined the application process with a “digital-first process” via his website which can lead to a job offer within 25 minutes for most people.

Of course, UPS isn’t the only company that will need additional bodies this year to meet customer demands. The following outlets are also looking to bolster their workforce now in order to be ready when the holiday rush hits full swing in a few months.

27 seasonal job openings in the Evansville area for 2022

If you’re looking for some extra cash to cover the costs of gifts you plan to buy for family and friends this holiday season, these businesses, with locations in the Evansville/Tri-State area, are currently seeking to hire seasonal employees. for several different positions.

Find other seasonal positions in the region here.

[Source: UPS]

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