Steve Jobs Death Anniversary: ​​5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Apple Founder

The road to immortalize your name is not easy. It takes hard work and brilliance to fondly remember the history and future of technology, but Steve Jobs did it. The tech genius co-founded Apple, a company that now sits atop the tech industry.

Today marks the day the tech mogul died. Despite this, he is still considered one of the faces of tech giant Apple. Many recognize his name for his contributions to the modern world, but people know so little about him more often than not. As a tribute, here are five facts you might not know about Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was a college dropout

Like Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Steve Jobs also dropped out of college. He attended Reed College, a private liberal arts college based in Portland, Oregon. Steve Jobs would definitely fit into the college as they have high standards when it comes to creative thinking.

Sadly, Jobs had to drop out just six months after it strained his family’s finances. This could be because her family is from a working class background, which means it would be difficult for them to find an education at a prestigious college.

Funnily enough, a calligraphy class he took in college is what inspired the first typography you might have seen on Mac computers, as mentioned in Mental Floss.

The tech mogul wasn’t always tech-savvy

It might come as a surprise to many people to know that Steve Jobs initially knew very little about the technology side of it all. It may be at first glance for the founder of Apple to know nothing about coding or hardware, but it is important to know that a company operates from many angles.

Steve Jobs was more interested in the business side of Apple, which was just as important as building and programming the best device on the market. Without a mindset of business strategy, a company’s products won’t take off and hit Apple’s current stats, no matter how innovative.

Steve Wozniak, one of Apple’s other co-founders, even said that Jobs had never designed anything as a hardware engineer and he didn’t know software. Wozniak also said that businessmen were often the most important, and since Jobs wanted to be important, he did.

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Jobs also contributed to our childhood

A lot of people have seen at least one Pixar movie in their lifetime. Suffice it to say, iconic movies like Toy Story and Monsters Inc. wouldn’t exist without Steve Jobs. After leaving Apple in 1985, Jobs bought Graphics Group, which would later change to its more recognized name, Pixar.

The digital animation material was in trouble when Steve Jobs decided to buy it for $5 million with his own money. It was certainly a great move since the animation company would then make a major breakthrough with Toy Story, which grossed over $350 million worldwide.

He sold and then sold Pixar for $7 billion to the Walt Disney Company in 2006, which is yet another fact in itself, since that deal is what made Jobs a billionaire, not Apple, according to iMore.

He took his spirit to greater heights

Jobs spent seven months of his life traveling through India where he eventually adopted the practices of Zen Buddhism. It was also in the same country that he experimented with psychedelic drugs.

Some well-known personalities will deny using any drugs given the stigma surrounding it, but Steve Jobs said experimenting with LSD was a big thing he did in his life.

Stubborn but consistent

Apart from Job’s signature black turtleneck, he also adored his car which was a silver Mercedes. Although he drives all the time, he somehow refused to put a license plate on it. Before you ask, yes, he shouldn’t be able to do that, but how did he do it?

Since California rules state that a new car must have a plate within six months of purchase, he just changed cars to the same model before the six months were up.

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