The 10 Deadliest Anime Jobs, Ranked

Anime professions are unique, but they can also be deadly. Heroes, shinobi, and scouts are all noble occupations but don’t come without peril. While the characters doing these jobs are exceptionally talented, there’s also a risk that each day will be your last.

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These anime jobs all require great heroism and awesome skills. They’re not for the faint-hearted, but many of the incredible characters seem up to the task anyway. Although these are often necessary professions, the characters who practice these professions know the potential risks. Even so, these heroic anime characters still do their job.

10/10 Fire soldiers have to fight people who turn into fiery monsters

fire force

Firefighters are trained to deal with infernals in the anime fire force. Not only do they have to deal with the flames spread by the Infernals, but they must also engage in combat with the Infernals themselves. Although they are extensively trained to handle these tasks, there is always a risk that Infernals can be unpredictable.

Additionally, if the fire troopers are not members of a company supported by the Haijima Corporation, they run the risk of being eliminated by companies that are. Haijima has many secrets surrounding the Infernals that they prefer to keep secret. Firefighters know the risks they take in their careers and that nothing is infallible.

9/10 The Sailor Scouts risk their lives for the galaxy

Sailor Moon

The Sea Scouts of Sailor Moon once protected the Moon Kingdom and were Princess Serenity’s personal guards. However, they all perished in a battle between the Moon Kingdom and Queen Beryl. Although they are reincarnated, they are nearly killed once again. Also, Sailor Moon – who is also Princess Serenity – dies again, but is thankfully revived by the Silver Crystal.

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Being a guardian of the galaxy is important, but dangerous work. Many powerful and supernatural characters seek to obtain the power of Princess Serenity, and it is the job of the scouts to protect her at all costs. Although Scouts always find a way back, that doesn’t make the job any less dangerous.

8/10 Mobile Suit pilots engage in high-stakes mecha combat

Mobile Suit Gundam

Mobile Suit Drivers Mobile Suit Gundam franchise are professionals who operate large robotic suits for military purposes. Although they enjoy some protection inside the suits, bombs and other weapons are likely to pierce the hulls, causing damage and loss of life.

Some armies have only a few Mobile Suits, while others have many. Therefore, a Mobile Suit pilot’s chances of survival vary from battle to battle. Nevertheless, being at war creates a hostile environment for the characters, it doesn’t matter which side they are on.

7/10 State Alchemists are forced into the war

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

State Alchemists are military for the country of Amestris. Although they do not carry weapons, they use alchemy against their enemies. However, their enemies have guns and other artillery to counter the State Alchemists. The Ishvalan War may be over, but there is always the threat of another conflict.

War isn’t the only deadly thing State Alchemists face. In Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, a grieving Ishvalan named Scar systematically killed them after his brother died. Additionally, many more die at the hands of Homunculi who prowl the streets preparing for a mysterious ritual.

6/10 Professional heroes face off against equally powerful villains

my hero academia

Pro Heroes are licensed superpowered individuals who help capture criminals and rescue citizens in my hero academia. There are many types of heroes for many situations. Yet they all risk falling victim to the passing villains. Plus, with Tomura Shigaraki steadily gaining power, the upcoming war is sure to be devastating.

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Pro Heroes are uniquely courageous individuals who put their lives on the line in the name of protection and justice. If it came down to that, they would sacrifice themselves to save those around them. Although this is a very noble cause, it makes the job all the more deadly.

5/10 Jujutsu wizards face cursed evil spirits while still in school

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu wizards are filled with cursed energy which they use to send cursed spirits. Jujutsu Kaisen is full of cursed spirits, as they arise from the negative emotions of humanity. The stronger the emotion, the more deadly the cursed spirit becomes.

Jujutsu wizards face many of these evil entities, and while the weaker ones seem like child’s play to defeat, battling the more powerful ones can mean certain death. Audiences may not know them, but they are indebted to many brave wizards who died fighting the despair that the average man sowed upon the world.

4/10 The Shinobi have several tasks, including fighting superhuman enemies


The Shinobi are ninjas from the hit franchise, naruto. Shinobi are powerful warriors who use Chakra to perform magical feats. They are specially trained in the art of combat as well as special intelligence. The Shinobi take on several tasks such as reconnaissance and espionage, but they all come with risks.

Often, Shinobi are asked to perform conflicting tasks that eventually turn into fights. Conflicts may be brief, but they are almost always deadly. Shinobi can be trained for any situation, but there is no allowance for human emotion and error in the midst of battle.

3/10 Demon Slayers dispatch flesh-eating demons with only swords

demon slayer

demon slayer is a show about people getting rid of demons whose sole purpose is to eat humans and gain more power. Demon Slayers undergo rigorous training, only to be subjected to a final test which they may not survive. Those who become official Demon Slayers.

As a Demon Slayer, there are no guarantees as to what demons a person will face. Therefore, Demon Slayers must always be on their guard, especially when they come up against the twelve Kizuki – disciples of Muzan Kibutsuji. The only Demon Slayers who beat Kizuki are the Hashira and Tanjiro Kamado. Any regular – albeit powerful – Demon Slayer will likely struggle to survive an encounter with Kizuki.

2/10 Magical girls end up becoming the witches they fight

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a subversive show that portrays a darker side of Magical Girls. Kyubey is a cat-like being who recruits young girls to become Magical Girls with the promise of having a wish granted. Charmed by the fulfillment of a seemingly impossible wish, each of the girls agrees to be a Magical Girl, only to find that work is almost a fate worse than death.

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Not only do they have to fight vicious creatures known as witches, but they will become witches themselves if they do the job long enough. This all assumes they don’t die in battle first. The girls are doomed from the moment they sign their contracts, making it one of the deadliest anime jobs.

1/10 Members of the Survey Corps fight gigantic titans for their freedom

The attack of the Titans

The Survey Corps is the deadliest military faction to be part of The attack of the Titans. While the other two factions stay inside the safety of the walls, the Pathfinder Regiment explores outside the walls to gain intel and are the first line of defense against any Titans trying to get to them. to humans. The missions are incredibly dangerous and often cause many victims.

Also, as fans learn, many of them are double agents working for a foreign government. This adds to the danger of being in the Survey Corps, as the double agents’ mission is to sabotage the people of Paradis and ultimately destroy them. Overall, the Survey Corps is the military faction with the most casualties, making it the most dangerous anime job of all.

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