The highest paying jobs you can get without a degree or experience have been shared and some pay close to $90,000

The highest paying jobs that don’t require a degree or experience have been revealed, and some salaries reach close to $90,000!

Recently, job site Indeed shared a list of 14 highest paying jobs without a degree or experience with how much they pay, which is based on the salary figures listed on the job board.

“College degrees or previous experience are usually essential for successful or high-paying employment,” Indeed said. “Nevertheless, many jobs do not require you to have a degree or experience in this field or discipline.”

According to the job site, knowing which jobs are the best paying without a degree or experience can help job seekers better understand their career options.

What are the high paying jobs without a degree?

According to Indeed, these are the highest paying jobs you can get without a degree or experience with the national average salary:

  • Minor — $21.71 per hour
  • Theater Practitioner — $23.23 per hour
  • Landscape Technician — $21.28 per hour
  • Claims adjuster — $51,987 per year
  • Translator — $23.71 per hour
  • Mobile Developer – $80,778 per year
  • Maintenance Manager – $76,025 per year
  • Receptionist — $16.94 per hour
  • Warehouse worker – $16.46 per hour
  • Train Driver – $85,393 per year
  • Executive Chef – $63,788 per year
  • Accounting clerk — $21.26 per hour
  • Dental Assistant — $23.92 per hour
  • Nuclear reactor operator — $88,253 per year

What are the best paying entry-level jobs?

Indeed also revealed the high-paying entry-level jobs and their national average salary.

These positions are:

  • Public Relations Assistant — $16.66 per hour
  • Social Media Manager – $17.58 per hour
  • Marketing Associate — $19.60 per hour
  • Writer – $48,947 per year
  • Human Resources Specialist — $22.03 per hour
  • Paralegal – $50,941 per year
  • Sales Representative – $56,237 per year
  • Web Developer – $27.30 per hour
  • IT Technician – $59,179 per year
  • Financial Analyst – $61,905 per year
  • Database Analyst – $30.28 per hour
  • Environmental Engineer – $68,298 per year
  • User Experience Designer – $75,287 per year
  • Registered nurse — $37.53 per hour
  • Dental hygienist — $39.24 per hour

Some of these entry-level jobs are actually tied to the highest-paying jobs that don’t require a degree or experience, including mobile and web developers, dental assistants, and dental hygienists.

Can you get a job in the Government of Canada without a degree?

Getting a job with the Government of Canada is possible even if you didn’t go to university, as many positions don’t require applicants to have a degree!

The Public Service Commission of Canada hires for administrative positions and salaries range from $54,878 to $65,887.

You do not need to have a university or college education to get the job, you just need a high school diploma as well as experience in providing administrative support services and in use of Microsoft Office.

Computer science jobs at Statistics Canada are also available and you can get hired if you graduate from a two-year program at a post-secondary institution, which means you don’t need a university degree.

The salary is between $60,696 and $78,216 and you need experience implementing and supporting Windows operating systems, providing technical assistance and guidance to users, and preparation of technical documentation such as user guides.

Statistics Canada also hires interviewers to help with survey collections and pay ranges from $17.83 to $21.78 per hour.

The only education requirement is successful completion of secondary school. Experience performing basic computer functions and using word processing, email and spreadsheet software is also required.

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