Whisper networks help workers find jobs

Today, there are a growing number of private channels like this that allow professionals to network, solve problems, and enhance their careers. Many of them are on Slack, with technicians in particular using the collaboration tool they use every day at work to form online communities. Employees in these networks can increase their chances of landing their next job by building relationships that could potentially speed up their candidacy, rather than applying through a more traditional recruiting process or platform.

The benefits for these workers seem obvious. But access to closed groups and their job search opportunities are ultimately decided by those who control them. As the role of technology in recruitment grows and demand for employees in certain industries continues to boom, these private networks are set to become a more entrenched component of the labor market in the future – with wider implications. broad for the workforce as a whole.

“The hidden labor market”

Networking and building professional relationships have long been key elements of a career. Thus, in some respects, private job networks are not new.

Lauren Thomas, a European economist at London-based business assessment website Glassdoor, says these types of communities have existed in earlier forms. “These groups for people with similar work backgrounds and interests are the online equivalent of inviting your acquaintances to the pub to discuss job opportunities: they’re like virtual networking sessions.”

Employers have also long benefited from these evolving communities, Thomas continues, as it allows them to broaden the search for their ideal candidate. “From the classifieds section in newspapers, to websites and now social media to promote opportunities: every time a technological advance in communication has occurred, employers have taken advantage of it.”

However, these efforts may have intensified in the wake of the hiring crisis, leading to an increase in the number of open positions being shared on private networks by employees and hiring managers. “Personal referrals resulting from networking are often more likely to be hired,” adds Thomas. “And with the current labor shortages, employers are desperate to hire and are looking for every perk they can get.”

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